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Testimonials for The Dog House - Englewood, CO

Our Goal:
We strive to be south metro Denver’s best doggie daycare and boarding facility.
And our customers seem to think we are.
We invite you to read about their experience below.
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I just want to say how much our boy Nelson love the Doghouse, we have been taking him there 2 times a week for the past 8 months and he actually knows every Wednesday and Friday he waits by the back door for us to take him. We also have boarded him there and we know he will always be taken care of there. Itís great to have the Doghouse here so Nelson can play all day and pass out when we get him home. ~ Rick & Dee

We canít say enough great things about The Dog House. We have been taking our dog Murphy there for almost a year. The facilities are extremely clean and the staff is just amazing. We feel 100% comfortable leaving him there. We have boarded him for days at a time as well. They are very kind, assertive, and professional. If there is ever an issue...They communicate when needed. We appreciate them for everything they do. We recommend them to all our friends with confidence. Murphy always comes happy and tired:) ~ Justin and Jennifer

We love The Dog House doggie day care! Our dog Kona receives top notch care and gets so excited when we pull into the driveway at The Dog House. If we cannot get her into The Dog House then we reschedule our plans! ~ Kathy Egan

The Dog House Day Care is the best thing that has happened for me and my puppy, Brookie since we got him. Living in the mountains and working in the city leaves us with little options for socializing our dog and not having to crate him for long hours. After a day at The Dog House, Brookie is exercised, relaxed and an angel when we get him home. He truly looks forward to staying with you, your staff and all his doggie friends. I wish I could have him stay with you every day! ~ Linda Morley, Pine, CO

Two and half years ago a friend brought in a little black lab-mix puppy into work. He was so cute, I took him home immediately but soon after wondered what had I gotten myself into? I was working two jobs and going to school. I wondered how I would be able to take on the responsibilities of a dog. I decided to take on the challenge and I named him Blake. One evening I took him to the park next door to The Dog House and noticed the doggie daycare. The next day I called and set up a visit during my lunch break. I took a tour and inquired to find out what exactly was a "doggie daycare?" It was the best thing I could have done for Blake. As soon as he turned four months old he became a part of The Dog House's frequent visitors. Before work I tell Blake, "Let's go see your friends" and as soon as he hears the word "friends" he is immediately prancing around with his leash. I'm sure he'd drive us there if it would get him there faster. I have always felt Blake is in a safe environment and is in good hands of caring people who genuinely love and care for all dogs. I am always at ease and grateful knowing that when I drop him off he will be able to play and socialize and overall be a well rounded dog. Thank you for always taking such good care of Blake, it has alleviated much guilt on my part if I don't have time to get in his daily walk because I know he got to play all day long.
~ Thank you, Shana and Blake

Our dog, Haylie, has been attending The Dog House Doggie Day Care for almost 3 years now. She always enjoys her time at "camp". How do we know this? She always comes home exhausted, and my feeling is, a tired dog is a happy dog. She loves to spend her days playing outside with her friends instead of closed up in her house. The web cams are a great way to keep tabs on your pet's activities. In the summer, they set up splash pools to keep the dogs cool in the hot sun. Haylie's experiences at The Dog House have helped her to become a well socialized dog and she will continue to attend for years to come. Thanks, Jeff! ~ Take care, Cindy and Jason Smith

I can't stop wagging my tail and have a hard time controlling my barks of joy from the time my owner's car turns onto Santa Fe…I just know where I am going!! I have the best of time when I go to The Dog House… I am truly exhausted when my owner picks me up at the end of the day!! I have met a girl that I really like to hang out with along with many other friends that I play with all the day. As for what my owners think, they just love the exercise I am getting…and it is much better than me lying in their bed all day sleeping!
~ Jakob "Jake" Lucas

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