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The Dog House Presents: Outdoor Doggie Excursions!

What is it?

The Dog House - Where Dog's RuleThe idea of Doggie Excursions is that we all know as dog parents that sometimes are lives get busy. We don't always have time to walk our dog every day or go to the dog park like we planned. Sometimes we wish there was someone who could do it for us. That's where we come in. The Dog House will take your dog in our state of the art van, to one of our designated trails. Once our paws hit the ground we will hike for two hours at the dogs' own pace with frequent water breaks. We have trained our own dog walkers to be aware and alert to everything in order to keep your dog safe and happy. Once our hike is finished we will return your dog happy and exhausted. Be sure to let us know if you would like your dog groomed afterwards that way they also come home clean and smelling fresh.


Consistent exercise for your dog is vital to their health in a number of ways. Dogs were originally bred to be almost constantly on the move, so being at home during our eight-hour work days can put a lot of unnecessary stress on our pets. This can leave to behavior problems like separation anxiety, chewing, accidents in the house and more. The Dog House will now be able to take the stress of exercising your pet off of your shoulders. If you are unable to exercise your pet frequently you can know rest easy knowing that your dog is in our capable hands.

Types of Walks

We know that not all dogs are the same and that dogs enjoy moving at their own pace. To accommodate this, we will divide our hikes up into three different groups.

Where do we Hike?

The Dog House - Where Dog's RuleBeing located in Englewood puts us in the center of some amazing trails! We have the choice of more than 30 different dog friendly trails including:

Pricing and Services:

Drop Off: The Dog House Doggie Excursions state of the art Van will be parked in the Jason Park Parking lot at 8:00am, parents have until 9am to drop off their prepaid for pet to their hiking appointment. All appointments will be made and paid for in advance at the Dog House.

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