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“I have always felt Blake is in a safe environment and is in good hands of caring people who genuinely love and care for all dogs.” ~ Shana and Blake

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Dog boarding and day care at The Dog House


We are centrally located between Downtown Denver and Highlands Ranch, about 15 minutes from either location. Our address is 1101 West Quincy Avenue in Englewood Colorado, between Santa Fe and Broadway on Quincy Ave, about mid-way between Hampden/285 and Belleview. Click here for directions.

Our Facility

Our dog boarding and doggie day care facility has two large outside yards with over 5,000 square feet of play area and one large inside play area that is cleaned and sanitized daily. Our outside yard includes a large wading pool and sheltered areas for hot summer days. We provide our guests with lots of social interaction, play time, and plenty of exercise. Your best friend will come home healthy and happy, eager to return to our facility to play with new friends.


The Dog House has been satisfying doggie day care and dog boarding customers from Englewood, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, South Denver, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills, mountain commuters and all of the south metro area for more than 14 years.


Our employees are true dog lovers. Each one is carefully pre-screened to ensure that your best friend is given the love and attention he or she deserves. Please meet are key staff members:

Jeff Sizemore - Owner

The Dog House Doggie Daycare and Dog Boarding Facility is owned by Jeff Sizemore. Jeff has been running the business for 14 years and he lives on site. Prior to buying the business in the summer of 2000, Jeff owned a pet sitting service, but realized that for what he was charging clients to spend 1 hour with their dog, he could take care of a dog all day for the same price -- and the dogs wouldn’t have to be alone most of the day.

Jeff is a stickler for cleanliness and is proud that The Dog House is the cleanest kennel facility he’s ever seen. He is committed to providing the best possible doggy daycare and dog boarding experience for his four-legged guests and their owners. He feels that the best way to do that is have the dogs out of their kennels and active most of the day, playing, running socializing.

His top priority is the welfare of the dogs in his care. To that end, he hires only the best possible employees who provide loving attention, close supervision for all play, and deliver a personal and hands-on doggie day care and dog boarding experience.

His open door policy (anyone can stop by at any time) is unique in the industry, but as he says, “We’re an open book and never have anything to hide.”

If you would like to talk to Jeff or have any questions, please feel free to call 303-781-4577 and ask to speak to him, or you can email Jeff directly at

Katie - Staff - The Dog HouseRebecca - General Manager

At birth, Rebecca’s mom got her a German shepherd mix named Sadie for the baby to have a dog to grow up with. . . so she has literally been around dogs her whole life. Since that time, she’s experienced 8 or 9 family dogs of different breeds, including cattle dogs, so she has broad experience with many different temperaments, personalities, and behavioral problems, which has been great training for her current position. Her mom taught her how to train all her dogs, and she is training her current dog to be an emotional support animal.

Rebecca is committed to making The Dog House the most fun, welcoming place for customers and their dogs. She particularly enjoys working with shy dogs and helping them come out of their shell to join in the play and have fun. She finds that even with the shyest dogs, if she provides a kind, confident, consistent and reassuring presence, they will begin to feel safe and open up to interacting with others (people and dogs) and experiencing new things. Her dream for the future is to become a behavioral consultant for “last chance” dogs and be able to train, rehabilitate and reform problem dogs so that they can be re-housed.

As much as Rebecca loves the dogs who come to play at The Dog House, she also loves the customers and the opportunity to get to know them personally, since most of them are regulars. As a manager, she welcomes customer feedback because that helps her do her job to the best of her ability.

Rebecca really values that The Dog House is a family-owned business that promotes a family atmosphere. It’s great for the co-workers and because the workers are all very connected, Rebecca says “the dogs can tell that we’re a pack family, which makes them comfortable in this environment.”

Jeff Sizemore, the owner of The Dog House, is full of praise for his new General Manager. He says, “Rebecca is an amazing young woman. She is kind, compassionate, loving and deeply caring. She goes over and above in everything she does, and always puts the care and love of the dogs above everything else, which is exactly what we want as the priority here. I trust her completely with the dogs, and to provide the best possible customer service to our human customers as well.”

Katie - Staff - The Dog HouseKatie – Morning Supervisor

Katie started at the The Dog House as a Kennel Tech and worked her way up to Supervisor and then Manager. She has been an animal lover since she was a little girl, growing up with dogs and other animals as part of her family. Although as a manager she is responsible for all the details of running the kennel, her true passion is being with the dogs, so she makes it out to the yard as much as possible during the day. She likes to make sure that all the dogs are having fun, running around, swimming, and playing with their friends. If anyone doesn’t seem to be having a good time, she takes the time to bring them out of their shell and make sure they are engaged and playing. Her philosophy is that doggie day care at the Dog House is all about the dogs having fun. She says it’s day camp for dogs. Katie also enjoys connecting with customers. Since they don’t get to be with their pets all day while they’re at work, Katie likes to share with them how their dogs are doing, and keep them updated on their dog’s daily antics and activities. The best part of her day is coming to work and being excitedly greeted by a big pack of dogs who are so happy to see her. She says that can turn even a bad day good. Katie brings her dog “Odin” to work with her. She reports that the two-year-old long-haired German Shepherd “seems to think he works here as much as I do.”

Serra - Staff - The Dog HouseSerra - Evening Supervisor

Serra has been with The Dog House for about a year and a half. She has always been around animals and can’t really see herself doing anything else. Before coming to the Dog House, she worked for horse trainers around Colorado as a caretaker and assistant trainer. Her job includes overseeing the kennel techs, administering meds, overseeing feeding, and ensuring that the dogs are kept safe, happy and healthy in both day care and boarding. Serra has four dogs. She brings Mary, her poodle terrier mix, to work with her but leaves her older dogs at home. Serra loves coming to work every day. She says that it is a wonderful and satisfying feeling to be able to give the dogs such good days while their parents are at work.

Hannah - Staff - The Dog HouseHannah - Morning Supervisor

Hannah originally thought she wanted to be a chef, but she came to find the kitchen was not the place for her and that her true love was working with animals. It must run in her family . . . given that her dad was a dog trainer and her mom worked at a kennel. As the morning supervisor, Hannah is responsible for checking in the dogs, making sure The Dog House and play yards are kept clean; that the dogs always have enough fresh, clean water; and that all the dogs are safe and happy. But more than just being well cared for, Hannah wants the dogs to have a good time. She makes sure she always has a smile on her face and a positive demeanor. As she puts it, “No one, including the dogs, wants to be around a Negative Nancy.” Hannah has one dog of her own: a black lab/golden retriever mix. Her favorite part of her job? “I get to spend my whole day with dogs – what could be better than that?”


“We just love the friendliness of all the staff; and they truly enjoy what they do.”  ~ Jake's Owner 

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